Ordering Custom Uniforms

Customs uniforms for your sports team, hotel and restaurant staff, contemporary barbers and hair salons, and for service businesses helps define your overall brand style. Custom uniforms project a reliable, professional message of skilled and responsible workers – or team ready to work for the win.

Uniforms are the way your team is being represented to the public, so it's important that the uniforms reflect the spirit of your sports or business team. When ordering uniforms there are several things to consider: 

  • Material – pro-mesh, polyester, jacquard or jersey style cotton can affect the way the uniforms look as well as performs. Some materials are made specifically to remove moisture, while others are snag and stain resistant. 
  • Fit – do you need a looser, tighter, or something in between fitting custom uniform or one that’s suitable for the weather in which you’ll be playing/working. 
  • Size – custom uniforms means they are being custom created for each team member specifically so have every team member’s measurements available at time of ordering. Measure each player around the neck, down the arms, and around the chest. For hat measurements, measure around the brow line.
  • Colour – your team color is an important decision so make your own mark.
  • Logo – be simple but effective, work with a designer, and consult with your printer to know where to place it.
  • Embroidery – this is a long-lasting branding technique. Compare against screen print techniques (using inks directly onto the fabric), certain items cannot be printed making embroidery your only option. 
  • Personalization – name and number on the uniforms adds a special touch and makes each individual stand out.
  • Hats – important to many sports and businesses, they should be the color of the uniform and have either the logo or team name embroidered on the front.
  • Promotional Items - consider ordering additional items to sell during games, in store, or as gifts and to building spirit with spectators, such as t-shirts, bags, keychains, or magnets, and encourage them to wear them around town. 

Ordering Your Uniforms

Remember to consider all your options when ordering your custom uniforms, or better yet, contact Tyleen Sportswear Awards & Promotional Products at 780-464-0628 in Sherwood Park today to discuss some possibilities with a member of our team.

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